Tina Ediss - Freelance Writer



Welcome to my new website and blog!!
It’s taken me a while to get around to it, mainly because I’ve stubbornly resisted social media but I have to admit it can be useful – and fun. I also wanted to make my site a bit different, which needed some thought.
So (finally) here it is;
I’ll be posting my published stories – and adding a link to the story behind the story. Here I’ll give some background on the trip and talk about what else transpired - but only when it’s interesting. This will also give me space to include stuff I didn’t have room for in the article or didn’t fit with the angle.
I’ll be including places to eat – but I won’t be posting photos of what I am about to devour because that’s just so last lunch-time.......
I’ll be talking about what makes the restaurant, pub, caff (it doesn’t have to be posh), or fish and chip shop special.